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Turnitin Free Accounts Lists

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software that is used by instructors to check students’ work for possible plagiarism. This online checker tool helps prevent students from plagiarizing their work. It can also help teachers identify plagiarism in students’ papers.

Some of the free Turnitin accounts details have been shared below for you.

NamePremium Accounts
Validity TestYes
Last Update4 February 2024

Note: If you don’t get access to these Turnitin premium accounts means the accounts have been claimed by other users. So, new accounts will be added here every few days. Bookmark this article to get the next 100% workable account for free.

So, use the above free Turnitin account and password now.

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Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software that helps identify and prevent plagiarism. The application is used by instructors and students to detect potential plagiarism in submitted papers and essays. It can also be used to check for potential plagiarism in online sources.

Most of the students and teachers are using Turnitin premium accounts on Android, iOS, or laptop/desktop PC to check plagiarism of submitted articles whether it is copied from websites and blogs. This detection tool was developed by Turnitin, LLC.

This is why if you also want to check papers whether it has any copy or something else, I recommend you use Turnitin free accounts on your smartphone or computer to check them before submitting them to your school, college, institute, or university.

Turnitin Free Account Features

The benefits of using Turnitin are that it helps ensure academic integrity, provides valuable feedback to students and helps educators identify plagiarism. It provides a lot of features and functions for its users. Before using it, you should know them from below.

By the way, let’s read all the features now.

  • Turnitin can check for plagiarism in your paper in just a few minutes
  • You can use it to check for plagiarism in your paper before you submit it to your professor
  • It will easily show you exactly where the plagiarism is in your paper
  • This online tool can help you avoid plagiarism in your future papers
  • It can help you find sources for your paper and help you improve your writing skills
  • Use the latest Turnitin to avoid getting a low grade on your paper
  • Get a better grade on your paper or work and be at the top of the class
  • Enjoy the Turnitin premium cookies to get access the application now

It has more than 30M+ students who are from around 15,000 institutions worldwide.

Turnitin free accounts can be used for checking for plagiarism in student papers, identifying potential plagiarism in student papers, creating assignments and assessments, getting feedback from this tool on their writing, and also it can help educators evaluate student writing.

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Turnitin Alternatives

It is an American online checker that helps educators manage academic integrity in the classroom. While Turnitin is the best and most popular plagiarism checker among educators, there are many alternatives available.

Some of the best alternatives are mentioned below.

If you want, you can now read them from here.

Copyleaks: It is an AI-powered tool that can help you check for plagiarism. It can be used to check for plagiarism in articles, essays, and other content. It can also be used to check for plagiarism in source code which can be helpful for developers who want to ensure that their code is original.

Turnitin account free trial and pricing plans start at $9.99/month.

PlagScan: If you’re looking for a plagiarism checker that is both accurate and fast, you should definitely try PlagScan. This software lets you upload your document, and it will then scan billions of web pages and documents to find any instances of plagiarism.

It offers a free trial and pricing plans start at $9.90/month.

Viper: It is a fast, accurate, and easy plagiarism checker. With Viper software, you can check for plagiarism in your work from a single document to an entire body of work. This will even check for plagiarism in sources that you’ve cited in your work. It has over 10 million users.

It is a free plagiarism checker that offers a paid premium version with additional features.

Duplichecker: Duplichecker is a free online tool that helps you check for plagiarism in your English content. Just enter the text that you want to check for plagiarism and the tool will scan through billions of online contents to find any instances of plagiarism.

It is a great tool to use if you want to make sure that your content is original.

Otherwise, only use the Turnitin premium account free now.


Hope, you have collected all the Turnitin free accounts from this article.

It is one of the most widely used plagiarism checkers by students and teachers. It is very effective in detecting plagiarized content and has a huge database of sources. But unfortunately, it is a paid service, so you will need to subscribe.

But you can use the premium accounts for free.

Use the Turnitin platform now and check plagiarism.

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